Sunday, 15 December 2013

YouTube? Yah or Nah

Hey Girls,
for some time now, really as long as I've had this blog, I've wanted to have a YouTube channel.
I've tried filming before, and its worked out well enough, but i just don't have the confidence to start and upload a video. My main issue is the topic and theme of the channel. As much as i love talking about beauty and fashion, i don't know if its something i'd want to film. 

Since starting college me and several other of my friends have discussed the idea of starting a channel together, but finding time where we are all free for a first video is proving very difficult. Since we are all studying acting we thought we would do something that follows along those line. We all have very different personalities and bring something different to the table. And obviously acting isn't are only passions. 

The other day a guy i work with said that he could really picture me being a vlogger, just as long as the videos weren't too long. But i wanted to know the opinion of someone who I'm sure, read and watches a lot of bloggers and vloggers. I know myself that i like to watch the YouTubers lives rather than just their beauty or fashion videos and walk about vlogs are really what i enjoy watching on YouTube the most.

I think its important for me (wanting to some day be an actress) to put myself out their into the world and try have the confidence to let people into part of my life. 
In the blogging world everyone is so sweet and so I'm hoping some of you lovely girls would be able to tell me what you would want to see or watch from me. 

I know its such a common thing now a days for people to want to be YouTube stars, but what can i say, i really want to be able to create something for myself that i can be proud of, like I'm proud of this blog!

I really would love to know your honest opinions. So PLEASEE let me know!
Also would you watch a channel that was made by a group of boys and girls if it was all different types of videos? 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cosy Coat: Winter OOTD

Hey Girls,
well winter is finally upon us and i couldn't be more excited. I love this time of year. First of all my birthday is in November (Yes I'm 18 now) and THEN its Christmas! I don't even mind the colder weather, its just an excuse to do a little bit more shopping. New cosy coats and boots, xmas jumpers and fluffy pj bottoms? Yes please!

Coat- Mango
Leggings- Black Milk
Top- Topshop
Boots- Dune
Necklace- Topshop
Bag- Accessorize 

 Hope you like my winter outfit! Enjoy Christmas everyone! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my outfit! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My A/W face

Hey Girls, 
been changing up my make up recently as its starting to get a little bit colder now, I've been experimenting with the eyes mostly. Here are two looks I've been wearing lately!

The First look consists of a normal base, Mac 'Russian Red' Lips, a gold simmer all over the lid with black gel liner. This is a great festive look and its super easy to achieve!

Look number two is a little more time consuming, this is really just because the eyes need a bit more attention. As you can see this look has no eyeliner to it, and with out it, it completely changes the way you look. I almost always wear eyeliner, but i actually really like this look! Again, just my normal base is used, on the lips any nice berry colour will work (this one is Rimmel's 107 from the Kate Moss collection).
For the eyes i use a natural matte shade all over the lid, then a matte light brown through the crease. Under the eye however is where its happening!
I use a small amount of gold eyeshadow along the lash line, blended in with some more of the matte brown shade to calm it down a little, really you can go for any colour combo you fancy! You can go a heavy as you want for this look, the darker the better! I like to have mine very subtle when you have a strong lip on during the day but at night all you need to do is make the eyes a little darker and your ready for a night out! I got this look inspiration for 'Beauty Crush' off of YouTube if you wanna see a tutorial of something similar!

Hope you like these looks!
 Let me know what you think in the comments!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tarot Cards

Hey Girls. 
Today I wanted to show you something I discovered a wee while ago. And that thing is Tarot cards.
If you are unfamiliar with tarot, then think of them as what fortune tellers use to 'predict' your future. Although that's not really what they are used for at all! Let me explain with an example.
So there is this guy called Bob (love the name Bob) and he is in a relationship with Jane. They have been together for several years and are very happy together. Bob would like to marry Jane but doesn't know if its a good idea, Bob is worried that by getting married their relationship might change for the worse and ruin things and he doesn't want that! This is where he would consult the Tarot!
Tarot cards are used to help you decide what you really want. Certain cards will provoke different questions that can be applied to all situation, and by doing this you will achieve your true subconscious opinion and desire. 
All the Tarot cards do is help you focus your mind on what you really want. Simple!

But saying this I must confess I am no expert on reading the cards. And although i have tried to use them, i have never really had a proper question to ask them. I was first interested in purchasing Tarot cards after reading 'The Mortal Instruments' earlier this year. You can purchase them (if any of you are interested) in any good Waterstones store, and there you should be able to find all sorts of different designs and themes.
Here are a few examples of my pack of 78 cards- The Wild Wood Tarot!

What drew me to this certain pack was the weird but wonderful illustrations. I find the cards simply beautiful. I love the ancient woods, filled with myths and mystery. Each card is as stunning as the next and it is truly exciting to turn over the tarot to see your chosen cards.
Honestly i could ramble on about this for ages, but that would just be way boring. All I would suggest (if this has actually interested you in the slightest) is to go buy your own pack of cards and try it out for yourself, or even read one of your friends Tarot and see for yourself what you can discover.
If any of you have ever tried Tarot then please let me know what you think of it, or if this has inspired any of you (i hope it has) to go try it out them please tell me, i would love to know!

Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

School for big kids

Heyy Girls!

So its that time of year again! The start if the academic year has begun. For many of you, you may have finished school, and its you guys that this post is for.
Last Wednesday was my first day at something totally new. For me, it was my first day at College.
It can be really daunting leaving school, leaving somewhere that is so familiar to you. For some people, making new friends can be a struggle and you might feel out of your comfort zone for a while, but trust me, with time things will change.
For me though? Nah i was ready to go! After having a year away from school, only working, I was sooo ready to head back into education. I must be quite lucky, because on my first day i met some really lovely girls who i bonded with very quickly!
As for the people leaving home to go to uni or college, your taking an even bigger step. On Saturday my best friend left to go to Uni in Edinburgh. Although she was scared, she was also really excited to finally be living her own life. Going to college or Uni is like a fresh start, even though its sad to leave your friends and family, it gives you a chance to grow up and prove to yourself that you can make it in the real world!

Just remember to be prepared!
  •  Don't leave packing to the last minuet. Especially if your leaving home.
  • Get enough sleep a couple nights before you start so that you are awake and energised for your first day.
  • Make sure that your wearing appropriate clothing. 
  • Look up where your going in advance (Halls, lecture rooms etc)
  • Make sure you buy all the essentials you need for your first day, you can always buy more later if you need it!
Hope all of you off to college and Uni have an amazing time!
Thanks for reading gals!

Friday, 30 August 2013

OOTD- Get your Kimono's out

Hey girls,
another OOTD for you today.
Lately I've been doing a lot of shopping in Primark!
I use to never shop in there but when i was passing through one day i saw some things that i really liked. Since then i have been obsessed! So i have a little OOTD for you with a couple items i picked up from Primark on my last trip in!
Enjoy :)

Kimono- Primark
White top- Primark
High waisted leggings- ASOS
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Lipstick- Topshop's Ditsy

At the moment i am really really loving kimono's they dress up and outfit and make it look a bit more 'funky'.
I picked up this kimono for £15 in Primark and i just love it! It has a very classic floral print and is so silky soft! They had quite a selection in Primark so hurry along!
Let me know what you think of this outfit!
Thanks for reading

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Drag you back to the 80's

Hey girls!
Something a little different for you today, and when i say different i mean not beauty or fashion related (so if that's all you want to read about i would turn away now). 
Now if any of you read my post's regularly then you may remember me mentioning a few posts back that I'm going to college this year to do a course in drama- saying that, i actually have my induction day tomorrow, so wish me luck! 
Anyway, i was in a show this past week and i thought i would share the experience with you all.

The show i was in was called 'Back to the 80's' and its a fun loving musical set in an American high school in the 80's, it follows the lives of some kids during their last year at school. It has so many classic 80's songs in it and was such a joy to be in! I literally cannot stop singing 80's music.

I have been doing musical theatre for many years now and i really really love it.The drama group that i am with is like a family to me and we all get on so well, if it hadn't been for all the people i had met threw the company i don't think i would be where i am today. 

Cue backstage banter:

I have been lucky enough to meet people who are not just amazing at what they do, but also are amazing friends to me, despite us all being a mixture of ages (me being one of the youngest) we are all so close and work so well together.

I had such an amazing time preforming this show, as i do every year, and cant wait to be on the stage again! 

Doing theatre has changed me so much as a person and when i compare myself to how i was when i was younger (a very shy child with little self confidence), i can really see how much drama has improved me. It is an amazing world to be in, and i hope that one day i will be getting payed to do it for a living, but until then...

Thanks for reading
I know this is something that not a lot of you will care to read about, but i do like to keep you up to date on my life and share any photos i can with you all.


Friday, 16 August 2013


Hey Girlies.
Recently i was doing a little shop on the old 'ASOS' and i bought a few things.
One of the items was something a little different from what i would normally wear and so it gave me a good excuse to do a little Outfit of the day :)

The long tartan shirt was my resent ASOS purchase and i LOVE IT. Underneath i went nice and plain and wore just a black strappy top and shirt. To accessorise, a Topshop gold chain. Love this look, it went smashing with a black leather jacket. Its a very simple look, but it works well together! 
 Hope you like the Outfit. Let me know in the comments what you think! 

Ps. Sorry the last two pictures have junk in them, i forgot to take pictures of my full outfit in the morning when i took the others and had to do it quickly in the evening (which is also why the lighting is different)


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Them Beautiful Tatt's

Hey girls.
So today i thought i would give you a little sneak peak into my brain and show you something rather special;
Now I'm sure you can tell from the title what this post is about, but before i go on i just want to say, i know not everyone likes tattoos. Some people really hate them, but i love them. If enough thought is put into them they can be beautiful pieces of art that can hold a lot of meaning, even a memory for many people. So i don't want to see any tattoo hate comments please. Ta. I would also like to point out that im not old enough to get a tattoo yet, and that none of these are my own images..(i found them all on Pinterest)

This first picture is pretty much 100% accurate to what i want. I would like a tree, about the same size as the one above and on the back of my lower neck. A tree, for me, symbolises growth, and how one never stops growing and changing. You can change over time, but you will aways be you. As you may be able to tell from my header i also really like the look of trees, they are all individual... a bit like us.

With this tattoo.. i didn't know i wanted it until i saw it. When i came across this image i was on Pinterest looking at the tattoo category, as soon as i saw this i fell in love with it. I was already set on a bird tattoo as for me it screams freedom; to be who you are and to do what you want to do with your life. When i saw this it set me straight, i want something so similar to this and then i will be forever happy.

Next up expresses the nerdy side of me, above is a tattoo written in elvish. Yes, that's right, that made up language that you find in things like Lord of the Rings. But if you remember correctly I LOVE Lord of the Rings. An elvish tattoo not only expresses my love for the films but also represents my childhood. I have yet to figure out what i would like written in elvish, maybe something like 'Hope & Faith' as that was another tattoo idea i did have a while back, before i realised how common 'Hope' and 'Faith' were to get tattooed on.

And lastly a rose. I have to say that a rose is not my No.1 top of the list tattoo to get, but i defiantly would like one later on. I think they are beautiful tattoos (if done tastefully) and are very feminine. This one in the picture above is so pretty in the design and placement. Love, Love, Love!

So i hope you have enjoyed this post. I know not everyone will, especially if they are not a fan of tattoos and some of you may find the images/designs tacky, but i guess you cant always please everyone!
Anyway.. thanks for reading

P.s if you would like to follow me on pinterest ( should take you too my boards! :D

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

25 Facts about me

Hey Girls. I know its been a while, and im sorry about that. 
Im not going to give you any excuses to why i've not been posting, ive just not really felt in the mood. But now i'm back so dont you fear.

 Today i thought i would let you get to know me a bit better, so with out further a-do here is 25 random facts about me 
  • My name is Catriona, but i much prefer being called Cat
  • I am 17
  • I am scottish
  • I love tattoo and will be getting some as soon as i turn 18
  • I love Cats
  • Lord of the Rings is my favourite film/ set of films
  • In september i will be starting a corse in Drama at College
  • I am an only child :(
  • I am a member of a musical theatre company
  • I work in a hotel
  • i watch YouTube every day
  • I almost applied to do beauty at college
  • I want to work in film when I'm older
  • I have a large collection of lipstick that is constantly growing 
  • I use to have a fear of cows when I was younger
  • I hate doing exercise 
  • I really want to start a vlogging channel on YouTube
  • I left school after 4th year
  • I love singing 
  • My pet cat is called Ginger/ Mr Ginge
  • I have very red blotchy cheeks that I have to cover up with lots of foundation
  • I'm allergic to most sun creams
  • I am a terrible speller 
  • I love hipster fashion
  • I have never broken a bone 

So there you go, 25 random facts about me!! Hope you have enjoyed this post and I promise I will get back to Blogging more regularly! Thanks for reading, love you lots 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We should be Dancing

Hey girls.

So as you may be able to see from the pictures above, I've been dressing up all fancy recently.
'But what have you been doing?' i hear you ask.. well i shall tell you..
So at the weekend (Sunday the 23rd of June) i went to "prom" or "formal" as some of you may call it.
Ok, I'll admit it wasn't actually my formal, but my some of my best friends .
I was invited by Sam, a guy that i have known since i was about 3 and was so happy that he asked me to go with him. Aliya (who is in the pictures above and is my best friend) spend the whole day getting ready with me. I love any excuse to dress up, and so spent the whole day pampering myself. I had my hair cut and dyed the day before at the hair dressers and had fake tanned a couple days before so i was already pretty prepared.

My dress is one that i bought from Ginger Fizz off of ASOS and i really love it. It has detachable straps and is made of a crochet fabric. I had originally planned on wearing it without the straps on, but when it came to it, it just wasn't staying up very well and i didn't want to have to be worrying about pulling it up all night.

For my make-up as you can see above i did a smoke eye. I wanted a strong eye for this look and not a bold lip as i didn't want to have to keep re-touching my lipstick after eating and such. I also did Aliyas eye make up for her and there are photos above also.

I had a really great night over all even though my feet were killing me by the end of the night.
 Would love to here about your prom experiences, so feel free to leave a comment.
Thanks for reading