Thursday, 24 January 2013

M.A.C and Me

Hey there chum. Ok so my M.A.C products finally arrived in the post. So i thought id do a little first impressions review. So the first thing i got was a 'studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation'  in NW15. I was very excited to try this out as its the first M.A.C foundation I've ever bought. Where i live there inst anywhere that sells M.A.C and i was going to have to go to Edinburgh or Glasgow before i could try one out in store. So this meant that ordering one off line was going to be a risk. THANKFULLY it is a very good colour for me. The first thing i noticed is how thick the foundation is, and it gives a very heavy coverage which is perfect for me as i have very red cheeks which need covered up most of the time. It cost £24, which isn't too bad seeing as M.A.C is a good quality brand and i think its defiantly worth the money. The only thing is, because its quite thick you need a good squeeze of it to cover your face, and this means it could be used up quite quickly. At the moment I've been mixing it with Maybelline's 'FitMe!' foundation in 115. They are both gel based and very very similar shades so it means that i can get a slightly lighter coverage and not be waisting the foundation. I was slightly worried that i might have not liked this foundation, but its great. And with a little bit of powder over the top to set it it stays on all day and keeps its flawless finish.

 The other product that i bought is a M.A.C matte lipstick in 'So Chaud'. As you can see from the picture above, its a lovely bright orange/red colour and looks great on the lips. The colour stays bright through out the day and is very pigmented. It is slightly drying, but with a bit of Vaseline underneath its fine. It stays on well and doesn't need reapplied too often. Its another good buy, costing £14.


This is how the products look on my skin. As you can see the lipstic is a lovely bright colour (and matches my hat perfectly, which is from GAP if your wondering) and the foundation makes the skin look pretty much flawless.

This was just another little review that i thought i'd do. I also wanted to get some more pictures up on my blog because i think the visual elements are just as important as all the written content. Hope this is a helpful review.

Chat too you later xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Now every girl needs a bit of top shop in their life. If you've ever looked you'll have seen that Topshop do a wonderful range of make up. Now obviously they're not m.a.c or YSL etc. but they do have some amazing and beautiful colours in store. During my last visit i purchased these lovely items (above).
Two nudes. The Nails in 'Nice N' Netural' and the lips in 'Innocent'

First of all i love the packaging of most Topshop make up, its so simple and basic that it lets the amazing colours of the product do all the talking.
Now since its Topshop and not some highly expensive brand, i had low expectations of the claim "Velvet finish moisturising lipstick" but i was pleasantly surprised. The lipstick leaves my lips nice and creamy and doesn't dry them out at all. Its quite a matte finish which is what i prefer in my lipsticks and stays on well without staining my lips. It has a sweet perfumed smell to it which makes it all the more pleasant. It cost me £8 which is pretty standard for a lipstick at high street price and I'm glad to say that i will be going back to purchase more colours in this range soon.

The Nail varnish is also fab. It comes out just like you see it in the bottle and stays on a good couple days before any chips appear. It drys relatively quickly and is, what i think, the perfect nude. It has the tiniest purple tinge too it which makes sure that your nails don't completely blend in to the rest of your hand. It's one of thoes colours that can really compleat an outfit for you. It looks great with black and white.
Also an idea; having one nail a different colour. I had a lilic on with it the other day and it looked great!

I have two m.a.c products that should be arriving in a couple days so will hopfully have some more to post soon. Its snowing at the moment so i think alot of postal delivery's have been delayed. Hope you've liked this little review.

Chat to you later x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Things Change

I loveed being a kid, as im sure as most of us did. Childhood was the easiest we've ever had it. School was easy, making friends was easy. We didn't have to do anything for ourselves. Now im not an expert on life. Ive only lived 17 years of it, but this past year has shown me the prospects of adult life and to be quite honest its scared me shitless.

 I, like some people my age, decided to leave school after i had achieved my first lot of qualifications. I had never planned to leave after doing a mere four years in secondary school, but that's just how things worked out. I had always planned on staying till my sixth year, getting Highers and then going off to Uni. But for some reasons, i may go into in another post, that hasn't quite happened. Its not that im unhappy. I have a job and hobbies that keep me busy- This Blog is to be another of those hobbies- i have friends that i love to bits.
If i had the choice now to go back to school, i dont think i would. Even if it means i have to re-think some of my goal in life.

But it's the little things that really start to scare me. Like the fact that later on this year one of my best friends will be leaving home and going to uni miles and miles away from me. Then the year after that it will be my other best friend. I think what scares me is the fact that i dont want to be the only one left. I would rather i was the one moving away to do the things i wanted. I know, selfish.
 But after being the older one of all my friends im just not ready to grow up, not ready to have to face up to the responsibility of life itself.
Did anyone else ever feel like that?

Im not saying that im a lazy child and depend on my parents for everything. Im just saying its all forced on us a little quickly. From 12 to 14 we are still treated like children even though we feel as if we are old enough to do anything. Then at 15/16 we are expect to act maturely and like adults although no one really sees us that way, and then suddenly BAM were applying for Uni and sitting our exams. We HAVE to at least get a Christmas job, and threats are made, by parents, to start charging rent. Its all thrusted on us so quickly that we dont even have a chance to decide where we really want to go in life.

I, for one, changed my mind loads before i really decided what i want to do. At school i wanted to do drama, go to London and preform in the west end. Then when i decided to leave, it was really a race against the clock. Ive never ever been 100% sure on what i want to do. All i know is it will never be sat behind a desk. I've never imagined myself anywhere too intellectual. Not that im not smart, im just far more 'hands on'. Anyway, after a lot of though (some hovering over Hospitality) i have finally come to a conclusion. Why not go study something i practically study at home?

So now life isn't seeming too frightful. I have my 'head in the game' as so to speak and the prospect of it all doesn't seem to bad now. I can finally see some light at the end of the teenage years tunnel.

But just one more final question before i finish this post. Even though im still young, some people may still even think of me as a child, is there anyone willing to leave some advice? Something that might reassure me that im not the only one who has felt scared about all these changes.