Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My A/W face

Hey Girls, 
been changing up my make up recently as its starting to get a little bit colder now, I've been experimenting with the eyes mostly. Here are two looks I've been wearing lately!

The First look consists of a normal base, Mac 'Russian Red' Lips, a gold simmer all over the lid with black gel liner. This is a great festive look and its super easy to achieve!

Look number two is a little more time consuming, this is really just because the eyes need a bit more attention. As you can see this look has no eyeliner to it, and with out it, it completely changes the way you look. I almost always wear eyeliner, but i actually really like this look! Again, just my normal base is used, on the lips any nice berry colour will work (this one is Rimmel's 107 from the Kate Moss collection).
For the eyes i use a natural matte shade all over the lid, then a matte light brown through the crease. Under the eye however is where its happening!
I use a small amount of gold eyeshadow along the lash line, blended in with some more of the matte brown shade to calm it down a little, really you can go for any colour combo you fancy! You can go a heavy as you want for this look, the darker the better! I like to have mine very subtle when you have a strong lip on during the day but at night all you need to do is make the eyes a little darker and your ready for a night out! I got this look inspiration for 'Beauty Crush' off of YouTube if you wanna see a tutorial of something similar!

Hope you like these looks!
 Let me know what you think in the comments!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tarot Cards

Hey Girls. 
Today I wanted to show you something I discovered a wee while ago. And that thing is Tarot cards.
If you are unfamiliar with tarot, then think of them as what fortune tellers use to 'predict' your future. Although that's not really what they are used for at all! Let me explain with an example.
So there is this guy called Bob (love the name Bob) and he is in a relationship with Jane. They have been together for several years and are very happy together. Bob would like to marry Jane but doesn't know if its a good idea, Bob is worried that by getting married their relationship might change for the worse and ruin things and he doesn't want that! This is where he would consult the Tarot!
Tarot cards are used to help you decide what you really want. Certain cards will provoke different questions that can be applied to all situation, and by doing this you will achieve your true subconscious opinion and desire. 
All the Tarot cards do is help you focus your mind on what you really want. Simple!

But saying this I must confess I am no expert on reading the cards. And although i have tried to use them, i have never really had a proper question to ask them. I was first interested in purchasing Tarot cards after reading 'The Mortal Instruments' earlier this year. You can purchase them (if any of you are interested) in any good Waterstones store, and there you should be able to find all sorts of different designs and themes.
Here are a few examples of my pack of 78 cards- The Wild Wood Tarot!

What drew me to this certain pack was the weird but wonderful illustrations. I find the cards simply beautiful. I love the ancient woods, filled with myths and mystery. Each card is as stunning as the next and it is truly exciting to turn over the tarot to see your chosen cards.
Honestly i could ramble on about this for ages, but that would just be way boring. All I would suggest (if this has actually interested you in the slightest) is to go buy your own pack of cards and try it out for yourself, or even read one of your friends Tarot and see for yourself what you can discover.
If any of you have ever tried Tarot then please let me know what you think of it, or if this has inspired any of you (i hope it has) to go try it out them please tell me, i would love to know!

Thanks for reading