Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A year as a drama student

So the end of the academic year is coming to a close once again, i wrote a blog post about moving on to college/Uni at the beginning of it, and now that its almost over i thought i would share my experiences with you. 

So in the blog post 'School for Big kids' that i wrote, i mentioned that i had met some girls in my first few days of college who i had bonded with really quickly. Well i'm fantastically happy to say that the people i was referring to, are some of the best people i've ever met, they are my best friends.
I think it can be difficult making friends for a lot of people, i know i was terrified before my first day at college because i was so desperate to make new friends and i was really hoping that i would find someone in the class i would be able to connect with.
Well to be honest I've never met a group of people who I've loved more than my college class. It may be because we are all a little crazy at heart- we are drama students after all- or that we generally all just get on really well, but i have defiantly found some friends for life. 
After all they do say that the people you meet at Uni and College are the people your most likely to be friends with forever..

In some respects this post is a shout out and tribute to the three amazing best friends I've made this year!

So here is some picture from my very first days at college, to some more resent ones of me and my pals:

 Sophia: One of the first people i noticed in my course, mainly because i though she was the most beautiful person i'd ever seen. She, like me, isn't afraid of what people think of her, she isn't embarrassed no matter what i do or say when in the eye of the public and she is an amazing friend in every respect. 

 Caitlin: One of the kindest, purest, funniest people you will every meet. She never thinks bad of anyone, and is never quick to judge. Crazy as hell, like me, and not ashamed of it! A beautiful sole. Someone you can have SO many privet jokes with and she will still find them as funny even after the hundredth time saying it. When she is happy, everyone else is happy. Everyone needs someone like her in their life.

 Harry: The best guy.  Not only has he become one of my best friends, he has become like a brother to me, always looking out for me, but also constantly acting like a child. We have the same love for LOTR and the exact same sense of humour. We even have created a full dance routine length high -five. (determined to have it filmed by the end of the year)

Sadly as this year finishes, it means my course finishes too. Although I'm carrying on at college next year i will no longer be studying Acting, which means leaving a lot of these amazing friends, and starting the whole process again.

If you would like to see some of the stuff me and my friends get up to then you can Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 'LifeOfADramaStudent'- though for me that name isn't really going to be valid anymore. . . :(

Monday, 27 January 2014

My Bucket List- 2014

I started this blog just over a year ago now, after being inspired by so many other amazing beautiful bloggers and YouTubers. At first i was unsure of what i wanted to blog about, i thought beauty and fashion could be something i would manage as i had learnt a lot from other blogs. 
But if I'm honest with myself thats not what i want to read or watch anymore. Its not what interests me and i don't feel inspired to put out that kind of post. 
In my first post i spoke about how i was afraid to grow up and that i felt being an adult was forced on us a little to quickly, in another i spoke about my struggle with anxiety that had really knocked me down at the beginning of 2012. But since those posts a whole year as passed and i can see such a change in myself. Im not the girl i was a year ago, I'm now ready to be an adult and make something of myself.
By watching other YouTubers i have been very encouraged to live the life i want, and to make and create things that I'm proud of. I want to be able to look back at the start of 2015, read this post and say 'YES, I managed to create something I'm proud of and I'm glad i did it!' 
I wrote a bucket list for 2013 on my blog and i don't think i managed to do half the things on it. So this years one is going to be shorter:

To Write, Direct and Act in my own short film.

As someone studying acting and performance, this is something i am very keen to do. Not long ago me and my friends from college started a YouTube channel called LifeOfADramaStudent (my last post is about it) and it is a personal goal of mine to make a short film and upload it to there. I do all the filming and editing at the moment for LifeOfADramaStudent and i really really enjoy doing it. A short film is a definite for this year!

To be more healthy and fit.

I know this is a common one for a lot of people every new year and I'm not sure how well i will be able to keep up with this one. It is something i would really like to try do though. I feel like i really need to be the person i want to be, on the inside and out. Which means i need to motivate myself for a healthy style of living. I have a very sweet tooth which recently i have been giving in to and it needs to stop. 
Just to make it clear, its not my figure i want to change (although i wouldn't mind being a bit toned in places) its my unhealthy insides and risk of getting high blood pressure when I'm older. 

To follow my instinct's and do what I want, NOT what other people want.

Lately I've realised just how rubbish people can be. People can stab you in the back, or just be plain mean because they think something that your doing is odd or a little embarrassing. But they can just go. Nope. Im so done with them. If i want to do something with my life and try to make some tiny impression on the face of the earth, then why can't i? If i want to make YouTube videos with my friends, write on my blog and make a short film, why can't i?  Its not so abnormal now a days. 

Thanks for reading.
I hope this inspired you to a make your own bucket list of things to do for 2014. 

Love Cat

Saturday, 11 January 2014


It Happened!
Well what can i say, we finally did it.
As you may have seen in my last blog post, i said that me and my friends were wanting to create a YouTube Channel..
LifeOfADramaStudent/ L.O.A.D.S consists of me and Eight other drama students.
The aim of the channel is to create things that display our talent, entertain and make others happy. We all have very different personality and interests so there is defiantly something for everyone!
We aim to have at least one new video up a week, if not more, where some, or all of us will do challenges, Tags, sketches etc.
(There will most likely be beauty, fashion and music covers later on)
It would mean the world to me and my friends if you would LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!
Here is the link for the trailer to our first video and to the start of LifeOfADramaStudent

Cat x