Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We should be Dancing

Hey girls.

So as you may be able to see from the pictures above, I've been dressing up all fancy recently.
'But what have you been doing?' i hear you ask.. well i shall tell you..
So at the weekend (Sunday the 23rd of June) i went to "prom" or "formal" as some of you may call it.
Ok, I'll admit it wasn't actually my formal, but my some of my best friends .
I was invited by Sam, a guy that i have known since i was about 3 and was so happy that he asked me to go with him. Aliya (who is in the pictures above and is my best friend) spend the whole day getting ready with me. I love any excuse to dress up, and so spent the whole day pampering myself. I had my hair cut and dyed the day before at the hair dressers and had fake tanned a couple days before so i was already pretty prepared.

My dress is one that i bought from Ginger Fizz off of ASOS and i really love it. It has detachable straps and is made of a crochet fabric. I had originally planned on wearing it without the straps on, but when it came to it, it just wasn't staying up very well and i didn't want to have to be worrying about pulling it up all night.

For my make-up as you can see above i did a smoke eye. I wanted a strong eye for this look and not a bold lip as i didn't want to have to keep re-touching my lipstick after eating and such. I also did Aliyas eye make up for her and there are photos above also.

I had a really great night over all even though my feet were killing me by the end of the night.
 Would love to here about your prom experiences, so feel free to leave a comment.
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Jupiter Artland

Hey Girls, 
So as some of you may know (if you actually read my posts) i was recently in Edinburgh.
Now i did have plans to do a Edinburgh post. But i didn't really do much apart from shopping while i was in the city, and didn't get very many interesting photos as my mum spilt lemonade on my camera so i couldn't really use it for a couple days (Jeeeeze thanks Mum)
But on the last day, (once i had cleaned all the stickiness off my camera) just before we headed back home, we visited a place called Jupiter Artland. 
At first i was pretty unexcited about going as i thought it would be a big field with lots of statues all lined up in a row. But how wrong i was.
Jupiter Artland is AMAZING.
Here are some of the photos i took when i was there..

It was such a lovely day when we visited and it made walking round in the woods so much more enjoyable.  
I think its a little bit of a hidden jem. It isnt free, but definitely worth the money (think its about £12)
If you live near Edinburgh or are visiting anytime soon i would definitely recommend going. 
Im not totally sure where it is in context to Edinburgh, i think its about 4 miles out just SW of the Forth Road Bridge.
And it is only open during the summer so be sure to go sooner rather than later.
Even though im not a very arty person i really enjoyed my time here.

Hope you like this kind of post. Please go check out Jupiter Artland if you ever have the opportunity.
Thanks for reading

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Glossy in a box

Hey Girls. 

As im sure you will aware by now, i am a little bit obsessed with beauty products (as im sure alot of you reading also are.) As the products you can find in shops in Aberdeen are limited, i decided to invest in a Glossybox membership. It cost £12 a month and you can end the membership at any time. If your not sure what a Glossybox is then i shall explain. A Glossybox is a box of 5 beauty products (normally all smaller tester sizes) from different make-up/skincare/haircare/nail care brands.You get one box a month threw the mail.
It was an exciting moment opening my first Glossybox and here was what i saw..

I haven't really tried anything out yet (as i was away in Edinburgh) so i will be sure to do a 'my thoughts' on each new box i get. 
If you have a Glossybox subscription let me know what you thought of this months box.

Thanks for reading 
Cat x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Basic's too...


Hey  Girls. So this week i finally mastered contouring (on my own face) which has been something I've been really trying to do for a while. You see, the problem with me is, i have very red blotchy chubby cheeks and so trying to add some definition to them is quite a task. So after spending a morning on pintrest and Google, i finally found enough tips and techniques to really give it a good go myself. I must say i was pretty pleased with the outcome and even thought for some people it might still look rubbish, it definitely is quite a challenge to contour if you have my face shape and colouring.

The products i used for this were;
M.A.C Studio sculpt (as the base foundation)
No7 Protect & Perfect Foundation (Which is too dark as a base but works well in the hollows of my cheeks to contour) applied by finger and then blended in with a buffing brush.
Two, Bare Minerals powders mix together ('Warmth' and 'Medium c25')  applied with a real techniques 'Contour Brush'
Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in baked stardust (as a highlight on the tops of cheek bones and down centre of nose)
Bare Minerals Warmth (the one mentioned above- on the temples)

I don't normally use a blush as i already have red cheeks but i put a little Bare Minerals 'first class' on just to emphasise the definition.

If you want to know where to contour for your face shape then above is a little picture to help you out. If your face isn't any specific shape then don't be afraid to mix and match techniques.

I hope this is some help and gives some of you some inspiration.
Let me know what you think of this kind of post and if it helps any of you out as i may do something similar again!

Thanks for reading