Tuesday, 30 July 2013

25 Facts about me

Hey Girls. I know its been a while, and im sorry about that. 
Im not going to give you any excuses to why i've not been posting, ive just not really felt in the mood. But now i'm back so dont you fear.

 Today i thought i would let you get to know me a bit better, so with out further a-do here is 25 random facts about me 
  • My name is Catriona, but i much prefer being called Cat
  • I am 17
  • I am scottish
  • I love tattoo and will be getting some as soon as i turn 18
  • I love Cats
  • Lord of the Rings is my favourite film/ set of films
  • In september i will be starting a corse in Drama at College
  • I am an only child :(
  • I am a member of a musical theatre company
  • I work in a hotel
  • i watch YouTube every day
  • I almost applied to do beauty at college
  • I want to work in film when I'm older
  • I have a large collection of lipstick that is constantly growing 
  • I use to have a fear of cows when I was younger
  • I hate doing exercise 
  • I really want to start a vlogging channel on YouTube
  • I left school after 4th year
  • I love singing 
  • My pet cat is called Ginger/ Mr Ginge
  • I have very red blotchy cheeks that I have to cover up with lots of foundation
  • I'm allergic to most sun creams
  • I am a terrible speller 
  • I love hipster fashion
  • I have never broken a bone 

So there you go, 25 random facts about me!! Hope you have enjoyed this post and I promise I will get back to Blogging more regularly! Thanks for reading, love you lots