Tuesday, 10 September 2013

School for big kids

Heyy Girls!

So its that time of year again! The start if the academic year has begun. For many of you, you may have finished school, and its you guys that this post is for.
Last Wednesday was my first day at something totally new. For me, it was my first day at College.
It can be really daunting leaving school, leaving somewhere that is so familiar to you. For some people, making new friends can be a struggle and you might feel out of your comfort zone for a while, but trust me, with time things will change.
For me though? Nah i was ready to go! After having a year away from school, only working, I was sooo ready to head back into education. I must be quite lucky, because on my first day i met some really lovely girls who i bonded with very quickly!
As for the people leaving home to go to uni or college, your taking an even bigger step. On Saturday my best friend left to go to Uni in Edinburgh. Although she was scared, she was also really excited to finally be living her own life. Going to college or Uni is like a fresh start, even though its sad to leave your friends and family, it gives you a chance to grow up and prove to yourself that you can make it in the real world!

Just remember to be prepared!
  •  Don't leave packing to the last minuet. Especially if your leaving home.
  • Get enough sleep a couple nights before you start so that you are awake and energised for your first day.
  • Make sure that your wearing appropriate clothing. 
  • Look up where your going in advance (Halls, lecture rooms etc)
  • Make sure you buy all the essentials you need for your first day, you can always buy more later if you need it!
Hope all of you off to college and Uni have an amazing time!
Thanks for reading gals!