Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Part 1- Beauty Haul

Hey Chums!

So over the past month or so ive been super busy with work and not had time to take any pictures or upload ANYTHING to Blogger. Which is why now there are lot of different pictures for me to upload. This isnt even everything that ive purchased over the last month, but the other things need to be used a little more before i can give a proper opinion on them.

I was looking for a new face scrub as im not very good at using them, so i thought a change would motivate me a bit. The Smell of St. Ives- face scrub for Sensitive skin- is AMAZING. Its smells just like apricots and is soo refreshing. It gets right into your pours and does a good job at leaving my skin lovely and smooth.

Another amazing smelling product is the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Spray. This really suprised me as fake tan normally doesnt smell that great. I wanted to try this out because ive never actually tried a sprat fake tan before. I also really like the way it looks on the skin. NO STREEKS!

Next up is the GARNIER Simply essentials make up remover. I was actually looking for cleansing water when i spoted this. It leaves the skin a little bit oily but is fine once its been washed off with water. It makes a nice change from the make-up wipes that i normally use.

 Next up was something ive been wanting for a while. A STIPPLING BRUSH. The one that i've bought is from Real Techniques (or if your like me and LOVE a good beauty guru you may be familier with Samantha Chapman from pixi woo). Like all her brushes, its super soft and super easy to use. I have to say though its not as good as the buffing brush that she does. Its still my No.1!

OK and finally i'd just like to explain my reasons for perchasing an Anti- redness product.
Basically i have very rosey cheeks, which ive always had, its always annoyed me. So when i saw the CC cream i just couldnt resist. So far i can say that is sort of works. It deffinatly doesnt make the redness go away but it does calm it down a little. Ive been putting it on before my foundations which seems to help a litttle but not as much as id really like.

 I have a tone more to type up and post but i really dont have the time at the moment to do it in one biggg post.

 I'll try get Part 2 up soon.
Chat to you later!