Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A year as a drama student

So the end of the academic year is coming to a close once again, i wrote a blog post about moving on to college/Uni at the beginning of it, and now that its almost over i thought i would share my experiences with you. 

So in the blog post 'School for Big kids' that i wrote, i mentioned that i had met some girls in my first few days of college who i had bonded with really quickly. Well i'm fantastically happy to say that the people i was referring to, are some of the best people i've ever met, they are my best friends.
I think it can be difficult making friends for a lot of people, i know i was terrified before my first day at college because i was so desperate to make new friends and i was really hoping that i would find someone in the class i would be able to connect with.
Well to be honest I've never met a group of people who I've loved more than my college class. It may be because we are all a little crazy at heart- we are drama students after all- or that we generally all just get on really well, but i have defiantly found some friends for life. 
After all they do say that the people you meet at Uni and College are the people your most likely to be friends with forever..

In some respects this post is a shout out and tribute to the three amazing best friends I've made this year!

So here is some picture from my very first days at college, to some more resent ones of me and my pals:

 Sophia: One of the first people i noticed in my course, mainly because i though she was the most beautiful person i'd ever seen. She, like me, isn't afraid of what people think of her, she isn't embarrassed no matter what i do or say when in the eye of the public and she is an amazing friend in every respect. 

 Caitlin: One of the kindest, purest, funniest people you will every meet. She never thinks bad of anyone, and is never quick to judge. Crazy as hell, like me, and not ashamed of it! A beautiful sole. Someone you can have SO many privet jokes with and she will still find them as funny even after the hundredth time saying it. When she is happy, everyone else is happy. Everyone needs someone like her in their life.

 Harry: The best guy.  Not only has he become one of my best friends, he has become like a brother to me, always looking out for me, but also constantly acting like a child. We have the same love for LOTR and the exact same sense of humour. We even have created a full dance routine length high -five. (determined to have it filmed by the end of the year)

Sadly as this year finishes, it means my course finishes too. Although I'm carrying on at college next year i will no longer be studying Acting, which means leaving a lot of these amazing friends, and starting the whole process again.

If you would like to see some of the stuff me and my friends get up to then you can Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 'LifeOfADramaStudent'- though for me that name isn't really going to be valid anymore. . . :(

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