Sunday, 15 December 2013

YouTube? Yah or Nah

Hey Girls,
for some time now, really as long as I've had this blog, I've wanted to have a YouTube channel.
I've tried filming before, and its worked out well enough, but i just don't have the confidence to start and upload a video. My main issue is the topic and theme of the channel. As much as i love talking about beauty and fashion, i don't know if its something i'd want to film. 

Since starting college me and several other of my friends have discussed the idea of starting a channel together, but finding time where we are all free for a first video is proving very difficult. Since we are all studying acting we thought we would do something that follows along those line. We all have very different personalities and bring something different to the table. And obviously acting isn't are only passions. 

The other day a guy i work with said that he could really picture me being a vlogger, just as long as the videos weren't too long. But i wanted to know the opinion of someone who I'm sure, read and watches a lot of bloggers and vloggers. I know myself that i like to watch the YouTubers lives rather than just their beauty or fashion videos and walk about vlogs are really what i enjoy watching on YouTube the most.

I think its important for me (wanting to some day be an actress) to put myself out their into the world and try have the confidence to let people into part of my life. 
In the blogging world everyone is so sweet and so I'm hoping some of you lovely girls would be able to tell me what you would want to see or watch from me. 

I know its such a common thing now a days for people to want to be YouTube stars, but what can i say, i really want to be able to create something for myself that i can be proud of, like I'm proud of this blog!

I really would love to know your honest opinions. So PLEASEE let me know!
Also would you watch a channel that was made by a group of boys and girls if it was all different types of videos? 


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  1. I think starting a youtube channel is a great idea, I've always wanted to but just don't have the confidence! I would be interested in watching it if you started a channel :)